Doctor! Doctor! What PhD should I do?


Are you considering postgraduate research but are unsure what is right for you? Here we try to bust the myths and break down the jargon to help you make your choice:

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Ace assessment centre group tasks

It is a popular misconception that group tasks are the one element of assessment centres that you can’t prepare for.

Although you will rarely be given advanced details of group tasks, as employers want to see how you react in unfamiliar situations, there are simple strategies you can employ to help you shine.

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How I decided to make PG study my next step


As a final year undergraduate I’m facing the big decision’ – what do I want to do after graduation?

I’m passionate about International Relations (IR), but I don’t have one particular area I know I want to focus on – I’m interested in all of it!  So this leaves me without a fixed plan or clear idea of what career path to pursue.  How then do I make my decision?

Here are the 4 steps I followed to help me decide.

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