Secret superpower

University is an ever changing environment. Whether it’s your first week, placement year, graduation or anywhere in between, we are all met with challenging decisions and changes that can test our resilience. This blog looks at what resilience is and how we can build on our secret superpower to prepare for future challenges and change.window-1148929_1920


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Who wants a job with impact?

Students often tell us that it’s impossible to find ‘an exciting graduate role offering the potential for progression into leadership AND with scope to make a measurable difference to society’.  Yet few have considered the national graduate leadership programmes such Police Now (neighbourhood police officer), Frontline (social worker), Unlocked Graduates (prison officer) and Teach First (teacher). 

Here’s why we think they’re worth a look.


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Quick Guide: Law for non-law students

There is a widely held belief that law careers are not an option for non-law students.

We want to challenge that belief because we know that the skills you need for your ideal career are something you develop over time, no matter what subject you are studying. 

This means that you are likely to relate to the skills needed to be a lawyer even if you are not studying law.



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