How to keep climbing the career ladder

It seemed like the ultimate goal, but now that you have a graduate job in sight, you might be wondering where you can go next so that you’re not still doing the same thing for the same pay in 5 or 10 years’ time!

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Work Abroad Vs Study Abroad: What’s right for you?


Although studying abroad and working abroad both provide fantastic opportunities to live like a local as you immerse yourself in a new culture, hone your language skills, develop your international network and gain the ‘global outlook’ that employers are looking for, they are two very different ways to spend your third year.

So what are the differences between them and which is the right choice for you?

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Witchcraft or worthwhile? Career Assessments unwound!

It’s not all AI and Skynet!

Should you feel willing to put your future at the fate of an online test, Career Assessments could open your mind to the career possibilities that await you!

They’re not going to predict your future, but they can help you to assess your skills, interests, strengths and other aspects of yourself to indicate sectors or jobs that might be a good fit for you.

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