Customer Assistant to Cage Dancer: Vital First Jobs


It’s the end of term, you’re returning home to your seasonal job as a Christmas Elf, or maybe you’re going back to your casual Waiting or Shop Assistant role.

We asked the Employability and Careers Team about their first jobs and why they think they are vital part of their career development.

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Crime and Punishment: Careers in Criminal Justice

Have you ever wondered what it’s really, really like to work in the criminal justice sector? To find out, we held a panel event with Essex Police, Unlocked Grads and the National Probation Service and the experiences they shared were intriguing, exciting and a little surprising.


Here’s what they had to say…

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New Directions

What if you’re following one career path but it’s not right for you? Is it ever too late to change your mind and follow an entirely new direction?

Bev Goodman (2)

Bev Goodman

MSc Occupational Therapy student Bev Goodman took the leap and followed her passion. Here she reveals how she used her previous experience to her advantage and was successful in finding the right path for her.
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