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The World Has Moved Online, So Why Hasn’t Your Job Profile?

The world of recruitment can no longer rely on CVs alone. With 70% of employers checking up on applicants’ online profiles, 54% of recruiters have chosen not to hire a candidate based on a low quality or inappropriate social media profile. Here’s Hannah from Creative Quills with her take on how an effective online profile can provide successful results, with LinkedIn taking the lead as a trusted job seeking source. But how can you create a profile that stands out? And should other social media platforms be used to increase your job exposure?

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New Year, New Tactics: It’s Time to Get your Dream Job

At Essex we like you to be tenacious. In fact it’s part of our challenger narrative. To be tenacious means to hold fast, to be persistent and tough. However we also see the following meanings: stubborn and obstinate.  All positive qualities can quite easily turn negative if you’re not careful. So think about this, are things working for you and are there better ways to achieve your employability goals?

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A User’s Guide to Graduate Schemes

With entry level recruitment still vital for employers, even during a pandemic, the latest cycle in graduate recruitment is in full swing and its peak time for graduate employers to open (and for some, to close) their vacancies. So, if you’re thinking of applying, you need to be starting now – but how do you know if Graduate Schemes are right for you, who is recruiting and when to apply?


We’ve put together a user’s guide to help.

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Secret superpower

University is an ever changing environment. Whether it’s your first week, placement year, graduation or anywhere in between, we are all met with challenging decisions and changes that can test our resilience. This blog looks at what resilience is and how we can build on our secret superpower to prepare for future challenges and change.window-1148929_1920


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