East 15 at the Edinburgh Fringe

East 15 Acting School graduates shows hit the Edinburgh Fringe festival – we couldn’t be more proud!

Many of the shows running at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival were launched by funding the graduates received from the Class of 2016 East 15 Awards offer.

We’ve seen many 2016 graduates so far benefit from the Class of 2016 support package but the East 15 shows opening at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival show how quickly efforts can pay off after graduation.

ECC_Class_of_16_BlackWith 9 prizes of up to £4000 each to help East 15 students create a new theatre company and launch a new production our Class of 2016 graduates have done well!

Award winners include:

The Outbound Project

Capataro Theatre Company

Out of Hours Theatre Company

Barrington Collective


East 15.jpgEast 15 students are also running events and workshops at Fringe Central designed to help and support those involved in the Fringe. East 15 teams are contributing to the Fringe Central programme Movement and Voice Workouts, Puppetry and Animation Workshop, Postgraduate Pathways to the Profession, Training in the UK for Internationals and Building Robustness; How To Deal with “No” – a Survivors guide to the Theatre industry.

Apply for Funding

Applications for funding are still being accepted! Deadline 12 August! Apply here.

Find our more about the Class of 2016 here.


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