Bootcamp 2016

Essex Startups Bootcamp 2016 – “The perfect way to start summer”

Essex Startups students have worked super hard this year. Having completed their exams, for 30 ambitious students the work didn’t stop at ‘pens down’. Together these entrepreneurs spent two days at the Essex Startups annual summer Bootcamp to bring their ideas to life.

Essex Startups Bootcamp – The biggest competition for start-ups on campus from University of Essex on Vimeo.

Essex students from Colchester and Southend campuses came together for their first venture of the summer. Business ideas ranged from a professional stilt hiring company to a bucket list support network, there was an array of creativity and passion throughout the two days. Luckily the students did not have to come up with all the ideas on their own as they were joined by 14 expert mentors who guided them throughout the event.

Bootcamp Day 1


Equipped with their laptops, tablets, selfie-sticks and Bootcamp T-shirts, the campers got to work on their business idea, creating the base to a strong plan, covering the Business Model Canvas.


Thanks to our mentors, Camper’s questions were answered and they discovered new horizons. It was great to see everyone working together to build enterprise.

Bootcamp Day 2


Day two was intense as Campers prepared for their presentations where they would showcase all the branding and company identity material that they had been working on over the two days.


Camper’s learnt which resources to use to build their brand and hacked away on their devices to bring their thoughts into reality. Time was up and Campers had to present their companies logo, letter head and business cards to the rest of the camp to received honest, raw feedback in a supportive and friendly environment.


Congratulations to all Campers who took to the challenge and delivered some stunning and really incredible results and for providing some really professional and helpful feedback.

Thank you!

A big thank you to former Big Pitch winner, Luke Farrelly (Light Gap Productions), who was there to capture every candid moment of the Bootcamp on video and had exclusive interviews with the participants.

Good luck Campers!

Good luck to all those who attended Bootcamp and will be pitching for a chance to win a £3000 investment at the Big Pitch this autumn and for all those who participated, we were really happy to see so much enthusiasm and passion for your business ideas.

Please continue with your journey to owning your own company and we look forward to hearing more about your ideas over summer.

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