5 tips to improve your employability this Autumn Term

I’m a student, why do I need to be employable now?


Why? Because the graduate job market is shrinking (according to the Association of Graduate Recruiters) so you need to have the skills as well as the grades to stand out.

So, what can I do to be more competitive?

1. A placement year

A year in industry dramatically increases your experience and really gives you something to shout about.  Find out more

2. Internships

Graduate level work over a summer can really give you an edge over other applicants – even if it’s unrelated to your degree.  Sign up to Essex Interns now

3. Volunteering

Experience of problem solving, leadership, communication and teamwork skills can be built up really easily.  Employers love it…  Check out the vTeam

4. Get in the know

Research employers and sectors you are interested in…  Start with the Careers Fair it’s much easier when employers come to you

5. Get help!

Get advice by booking on events on everything from CV writing, LinkedIn, application and interview skills or visit the Employability and Careers Centre on Square 2 to book a face to face appointment

Don’t just depend on your degree

The more you do outside of your degree the more employable you’ll be when you’re competing with other graduates for that dream job!

So make the most of every moment…

For help with finding opportunities and getting your CV right, call the Employability and Careers Centre on 01206 87 2494 or email careers@essex.ac.uk.

You don’t need a plan or even a question, our support is free and available to you throughout your time at Essex and beyond…


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