Sparkle and Shine… Career Mentoring

Wow; didn’t Welcome Week pass in the blink of an eye? Next thing you know, it’ll be Christmas… (there are only 76 days to go you know!).

So what could you do between now and then to give your future career an extra special boost? Some Swarovski sparkle; some panto pazazz.


If you’re a first year your immediate thoughts are probably around finding a part-time job or writing your first CV – and figuring out how on earth the uni room numbering system works… In your second year you might be considering a placement year/year abroad, applying for frontrunners or, dare we say it, your future beyond graduation… In your final year you may be riding high on a wave of self-satisfaction knowing you’re ready to apply for your dream job (well done if so!) or you might be wondering how to balance enhancing your employability alongside your final year studies (reading our blogs is a good start; visit us to talk it through further!).

These are all excellent core actions to be taking: give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back.


But while you’re working on these key activities: what could you do between now and Christmas to make your future career sparkle that bit brighter, that bit faster?

How about:


Our Career Mentoring Programme wraps this all into one neat package and is here, raring to go for the new academic year.

We have mentors available from all walks of life; a huge range of sectors, companies and levels of experience. So whether you want to explore setting up your own business with expert guidance from someone who’s taken the same steps before you, have an opportunity to meet and build a one-to-one relationship with an established business professional from your dream company or sector, explore what alternative paths you could take with your degree (because approximately 50% of graduate level jobs do not specify a particular subject) or just have someone you can talk to from outside your immediate circle of friends and family, find out more at one of our Briefing Sessions, pay a visit to my Tuesday drop-in session  and get signed up! Places will be limited and demand is already building – so get your future wrapped up: get involved now!



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