Is Law the Career for You?

‘Definitely’, ‘Not sure’, ‘Is it even an option for me?’

From employers (including Times Top 100) and training providers to answer your questions, network with and – dare we say it – be recruited by; to talks on both working as a US attorney and life as a trainee solicitor, the Essex Law Fair has it all. Interested? Read on to find out exactly what the Law Fair can offer you- however you answered the question!


‘Definitely – it’s my career goal’

Law debate.jpg

If you’ve decided that a career in Law is for you and you know just what role you’re heading for, then you can’t afford to miss the Law Fair on Thursday 10th November.

Did you know that employers use Law fairs to recruit talented and interested students? So  come along, meet potential employers and training providers, network, ask questions and discuss your dream job (or even be recruited for it!)  What’s not to love!

‘Not sure – need to find out more’


Think  a career in Law is just about what you see on the TV – defending alleged criminals while wearing a gown and wig?  Think again (unless you want it to be, that is!).

Opportunities in Law have broadened in recent years. There are now more routes in – university, chartered legal executive, paralegal and apprenticeships – and more varied roles once there.

Legal professionals can be solicitors -practicing in areas such as corporate, crime, employment and family Law within Law firms, government or businesses or barristers working on behalf of individuals or companies in areas such as human rights, intellectual property, individual rights and public Law.

So, lots of choice and that’s not even considering chartered legal executives, paralegals and apprentices or working abroad!  How about being a US attorney for example? Find out more at our workshop with BARBRI International Ltd.

Whatever your questions, answer them at the Law Fair and, if you’re still unsure after all of that, hear two Essex Alumni talk about their real life experiences of entering Law as a profession.

‘Is it even an option for me?’


Are you interested in Law, motivated and resilient with great teamwork , leadership and communication skills?  Do you have a real commercial awareness?  Are you on track for a 2:1 at least (and not just in Law)?  Then Law is an option for you.

Did you know that Law firms look to recruit a mix of Law and non-Law graduates and that about half of all solicitors are from non Law backgrounds?  Interested now?  Come along to the Law Fair and find out how to progress into this interesting and varied profession.  What have you got to lose?

Finally, you want to shine on the day and make the best impression you can so take the time to read ‘Prepare for the Fair’ and prepare with confidence!

So what are you waiting for?  Research it, book it and nail it!

With thanks to for the facts and stats.


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