Career Conversations with Essex Alumni – why you can’t miss this chance to chat

What are you going to do with that fancy degree that’s taking up all your time?

Here’s your chance to ask the people who’ve been there, done that, got the tee shirt and are coming back to campus so you can ask them a billion and one questions about how they did it.


Career Conversations

Career Conversations are a series of evenings where Essex Alumni are coming to Bond’s Cafe in Essex Business School for you to quiz them on how they got from Essex to where they are now.

Join a career conversation here.


Career Conversations will encourage you to think outside the box and consider different avenues that your degree can take you down.

What you do at Essex will define your life, so take this opportunity to question, quiz and interrogate those who did it first.

Essex Alumni

We’ve got Alumni from every department coming to campus and we’ve split the Career Conversations across 5 evenings (starting from 8 Feb through to 2 March) so you can get the most out of the Alumni who are working in your desired sector.

Find the right Career Conversation for you and get involved.


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