Leanne Smith Essex 2016 graduate spills all about the Mitie Grad scheme

It’s that time of year, the excitement of Christmas is over and you finally have to start thinking about life after Uni!

MITIE - Young Talent

As a recent Essex graduate, I was in the same situation frantically trying to find myself a job. One day I stumbled across the Mitie Graduate Scheme and after several forms and psychometric tests, an online video interview and an assessment centre I was offered a job!

Why should you apply today?

You have 4 placements

These are in 4 different business areas so you gain a variety of experience. Many other schemes focus on only one area.

You get a tonne of support

You have 2 dedicated mentors, someone who is very senior within the business and someone who recently completed the Graduate Scheme.


You can take control of your own Graduate Scheme

Here at Mitie we’re really encouraged to take the lead on our own Graduate Schemes to ensure we get as much out of the year as possible.

You are expected you do work that has real responsibility

The projects you are given on the Graduate Scheme have a real impact on the business, so expect responsibility from the get go.

Endless opportunities

Unlike other graduate schemes, where your career path after the scheme is predetermined, at Mitie we can take control of our careers and excel in the business that we are passionate about.

Who are we looking for?

People with lots of ambition and passion to succeed!

If this sounds like you, click here NOW to apply.  Applications close on 10th February.

Leanne Smith graduated from Essex in June with a degree in Economics. She is now on the Operations Graduate Scheme for Mitie; a FTSE 250 company.  It is a one year, experience based management scheme, which works on the basis of 4 rotations within Mitie’s many businesses.



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