What’s a Graduate Level Job?

If you’ve been searching for jobs for after you graduate you might have noticed that spotting which are suitable for a graduate can be tricky.

Essentially a graduate job is one which requires a degree, but beyond that it is important to be aware of the difference between ‘a job performed by a graduate‘ and ‘a job that requires the skill, knowledge, and expertise of a graduate‘.


Depending on your degree and the sector you’re interested in, you may see employers looking for graduates that fall into 3 categories…

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Decoding Job Ads

If you’ve been searching for a job, you’ll know exactly what employers are looking for; “passionate, dynamic, proactive communicators who have a good track record…”


Don’t be intimidated or put off by buzz-words and recruiter’s stock phrases – these clichés are easy enough to decode and to use to your advantage by looking at the ways you can demonstrate these skills.

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