Job rejection?- pick yourself up and build resilience!

Developing a mindset of resilience is an important key to success for everyone, including university students.


Worked hard for that interview – followed all the recommended “stuff” to ensure you ace that application / interview – but you have not been successful? That sucks right?! But you must not let this stand in your way – plenty of success stories come from failure – see our recent blog:   4 Surprising Benefits of Failure – some pretty recognisable faces in there!

depressed man



Develop the NAC approach:  Notice – Accept – Choose


Ok – so this wasn’t the dream ending – but acceptance is recognising that as human beings we experience emotions such as disappointment and we should use them to develop resilience. Choose to adopt a growth mindset, it’s critical that you address your failures head-on so you can learn from them and move forward. Ask them for feedback – you deserve to know! This will also make you the type of person people want to work with — one who takes constructive criticism and uses it to improve.Almost all employers seek those with resilience to deal with difficult situations and the flexibility to deal with change.

 Develop a growth mindset


The key to succeeding with a growth mindset is to use past challenges to develop resilience and boost motivation and productivity. Remember that although failure is inevitable, it can be a tremendous growth opportunity if you let it.

Use the negative energy of your setback


Move away from being a passive job seeker and toward being an active problem-solver. Don’t just rely on the Internet to find job openings. Scour the marketplace to find the hidden jobs that aren’t advertised.  The best jobs are often found through networking, word-of-mouth and informational interviews. Take a look at Careerhub for full event & workshop listings. We develop an extensive range of events that you can attend to help you develop the confidence to use those extra important skills.

We can help!

Employability and Careers Centre at Essex, Square 2

You know we can! Whether you are completing your first application – or your hundreth – we will provide you with the guidance and advice you need. These appointments are not just limited to applications – we help with interview prep too! Visit our helpful guides on our webpage – you’ll find lots of useful information, alongside our help guides such as Essex Interview Pack & Essex Application Pack.

Drop in to see us on square 2 – we are open Monday to Friday 10am until 4pm.






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