Loads of jobs – but none that suit ME!

So, you’ve been looking for a graduate job, a placement or an internship? You’ve found that there are endless opportunities advertised online. Great, right? Actually, not really. Nothing quite fits.

Hitting the wall

As a Careers Adviser, I find that students often come to me and say things like “I’ve done a search on Indeed and nothing relevant came up” or “there just isn’t anything that matches what I’m looking for”.  This can be due to the fact that not all jobs are advertised. I’ve found that trying a slightly different approach, looking for potential employers rather than jobs, can result in some interesting opportunities…

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Employability – what it is and why you can’t afford to ignore it

What’s the key to success in getting your foot in the door?


The answer is employability, but what does this actually mean?

With an awareness of just how competitive the graduate job market is and a realisation that having a good degree is now not always enough to secure a job, students are asking this question.

george alston

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