International Women’s Day – Being Fierce and Expressing Your Voice

For International Women’s Day (8 March) you’re invited to talk about confidence.

Feeling confident and presenting a strong front isn’t always natural – but you have a thousand and one reasons to be confident, strong, fierce and Essex.




For International Women’s Day 2017 women everywhere are being asked to #BeBoldForChange.

What does being bold for change mean?

Embracing fear and anxiety to inspire confidence


How confident are you? How confident are you in class? How confident are you at work? How confident are you with your friends? How confident are you in interviews?

Is the answer different for each question? Of course it is, it’s different for everyone! But how do you harness you at your most confident and use that in all areas of your life?

Do something!

Take the example of your own SU President, Zoe Garshong and her business (and pals), Ms Independent – a social enterprise that aims to close the gender pay gap by empowering young women to become managers, directors, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

By simply acting on her instincts, Zoe and her team have built a network where the young women of Essex can seek advice, support and inspiration to turn their own ideas into success.

Find out more about Ms Independent.

Making a difference for others

Be your own advocate. Shadow Attorney General for England and Wales, Barrister and outgoing University of Essex Chancellor, Baroness Shami Chakrabarti advocates women to embrace their liberties and to not be ambivalent about their skills within the wider world.

You are young professionals. Develop your skills and be the difference.

Launching your own idea


Essex Alumni, Faride Tanus Leal, MSc. Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 2014, was bold when she set up on her own after graduating from Essex. She shared with us the reality of being bold and making a change and how you are constantly evolving and changing yourself:

“Launching your own start-up is harder than you expected, it requires going the extra mile but is truly worth it. At the start you will have to learn how to become a marketer, an accountant and all sorts of positions in a short amount of time. That’s why the most valuable lesson is: Never stop learning and be passionate about it, there is always so much to learn.”

Now Co-Founder and Commercial Director at LetraCapital.MX, Faride knows what it’s like to take a risk and see it succeed:

“A piece of advice, things might just work out all right, just go for it and do what’s on your heart and mind without overthinking.  By the time you have an idea that motivates you, no matter how little it’s, take your willingness and everything you have learned to turn that idea into something bigger, into your dream job.”

Essex has a huge range of support for budding entrepreneurs. Visit the Essex Entrepreneurs Network now to find out what’s available to you.

#BeBoldForChange at Essex

Tell us how you’re being bold for change! Contact us, because we’d love to hear your story.


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