Daunted by Job Fairs?

Don’t panic – plan!

Jobs fairs can be daunting, but they are worth the effort as they are  great places to find jobs, network and find out about companies who are recruiting. Follow these simple, pre-fair preparations and feel the nerves dissolve.

Job Market March 17

Research the companies attending the job fair.  Employers will be impressed with your knowledge and initiative and you’ll avoid asking questions you should know the answer to! Find the employers for this month’s job market on CareerHub.

Plan your outfit.  This isn’t quite as exciting as dressing for ‘the big night out’ but employers will appreciate the effort.

Be prepared. Have lots of CVs ready to hand out – you’ll probably need more than you think!

Think of some questions.  Use the knowledge you’ve gained from your research to come up with some interesting questions to ask.  It’s also a great opportunity to find out how and when a company recruits and what’s involved in their selection process.

Think of some answers.   Job fairs give a unique opportunity for you to make that all important first impression so make sure you’re prepared for questions like ‘tell me about yourself’. Be concise, be relevant for the job / company and think about what sets you apart from everyone else.

Use your time.  If you’re in a queue, listen to what’s being said around you – you might get some valuable information!

Above all, be enthusiastic and enjoy yourself.

Ready for action?

Come along to our Job Market on squares 2 and 3 on Tuesday 21st March for live, local jobs.


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