You want me to do an interview by Video?!

Increasingly so, yes!

The CIPD indicate that there’s an increased use of technology to attract and recruit candidates (Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey, 2015).

Bootcamp 001

So let’s explore the basics together:

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Bragging vs Self-Promotion on your CV

First thing’s first – it’s OK to talk about yourself

When students visit the Employability and Careers Centre for a CV review we find out a little bit about them and who they are, talk through how they plan on using the CV, and work our way through its contents.


We often find ourselves working to extract additional experience, interests, awards and achievements and even education which the student has chosen not to include.  Often when pushed they tell us time and again that it “felt like bragging” and time and again we reassure them that it if there’s one place where it’s OK to shout about what an excellent candidate you are for any given position, it’s your CV!

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Tempus fugit. Once again the seasonal wheel has turned and we’re back at the end-of-year exams.


Let me tell you a secret: this year I finished my own degree. 7 years of distance-learning elation, confusion, procrastination, tears, stress, hair-pulling (my own, we’re not talking bar brawls here!) and elation – yes, there was definitely more than one instance amongst the self-doubt and missed weekend plans. And now it’s done. It’s finished. I am a graduate. Well I will be, once I attend the ceremony. But I’ve completed my degree and I know I’ve passed it.

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How To Make A Strong Application

With so much competition applying for jobs, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd

As the Frontrunners Project Officer, I would see hundreds of applications every round and receive feedback from the supervisors on why students weren’t shortlisted for interview. This showed me that writing a good application can be quite straight forward.

Stand Out

Simply follow these 6 steps and prepare to shine!

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