You want me to do an interview by Video?!

Increasingly so, yes!

The CIPD indicate that there’s an increased use of technology to attract and recruit candidates (Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey, 2015).

Bootcamp 001

So let’s explore the basics together:

What actually is a video interview?

Often, it’s a questionnaire, rather than a live chat. You’ll see a question on the screen, have some time to think about it, and then you’ll be asked to record your answer within a set time.

This sounds really scary, are you sure I have to do this?

You’ll be glad you did.  Recruiters report that candidates often ‘de-select’ themselves when they get a video interview request, which weeds out a lot of less committed candidates. Don’t let that be you! If you dive in, you are already ahead of the rest of the pack.

Adobe Spark (25).jpg

Ok then, how should I prepare for this?

  • It’s still an interview, so research the organisation thoroughly.
  • Test out your tech in advance – audio and visuals OK? Good connections?
  • Have you got something smart to wear?
  • Put 5 key words nearby to prompt you, if needed.
  • Remove clutter behind you.
  • Look directly into the camera and speak clearly.
  • Smile!

Watch our one minute film , drop in to the Employability and Careers Centre or  book a confidential appointment to discuss your preparation and practice your technique.

To book an appointment simply complete the contact form below:


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