A BIG thank you to everyone who celebrated The Big Essex Awards on Thursday 8 June in Sub Zero!

030 Awards Ceremony nb

The Big Essex Award is THE standard of student employability success at Essex. Thursday 8 June in Sub Zero was the night that Bronze, Silver and Gold levels were awarded to some of Essex’s finest.

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Let’s get statistical

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Over 1100 students signing up to the Big Essex Award in 2016/17 (taking our total of Award students to over 3300!)

806 students completed an award level in 2016/17:

  • Bronze – 343
  • Silver – 272
  • Gold – 191

An overall increase of 101 from 2015/16! 2016/17 has been the most successful Big Essex Award year EVER.

Total number of individual unit or activity submissions: 1041 (246 increase from 15/16)

Thank you!

050 Awards Ceremony nb

Thank you to everyone who made this night special (shout out to Academic Registrar Bryn Morris, Keith Richardson from the Chartered Management Institute and SU President Zoe Garshong!)

011 Awards Ceremony nb

006 Awards Ceremony nb

008 Awards Ceremony nb

And special thanks to our award winners on the night:

CMI Leadership Award

Wade Dyer – 2 year economics student

010 Awards Ceremony nb

The winner of this award has a real obvious passion for leadership who has already forged a successful career for themselves in retail management throughout their part time job.

This student has demonstrated maturity, ambition and an impressive commitment to becoming a great leader. They have been successful in securing a highly competitive undergraduate placement scheme with a well-known retailer for next year.

Exceptional Contribution to Student Life Award

Tai Fan Yeung – 2 year Law student

015 Awards Ceremony nb

All of the activities that this student has completed as part of their Big Essex award have been around supporting students and giving back to the student community.

From being an active RA, Peer Mentor and Course rep who has been involved in creating some interesting programs and visits for their fellow students to being massively involved in societies and volunteering.

Career Planning Award

Gareth Thomas – final year Marine Biology student

018 Awards Ceremony nb

This student has used their Big Essex Award activities to explore their career ideas. They have taken part in an impressive and varied range of experience including part time work, volunteering with the Wildlife trust and working as a frontrunner plus.

All of this experience has led to them deciding that a career in academia is for them. They have been successful in securing a funded PhD position at Essex starting next year.

Entrepreneurial Award

Rasheedat Olarinoye – first year Psychology student

020 Awards Ceremony nb

Eager to make a difference to other students here at Essex as well as in their home community in Nigeria this student has set up their own organisation, Volunteering For All (VFA), a business set to encourage and improve the volunteering opportunities in Nigeria.

This student credits the support they have received from Enactus and the vTeam in helping them set up their organisation

Community Impact Award

Alisa Beljankova – 2 year law student

022 Awards Ceremony nb

We would like to commend this student for their work with the Street Law project, one of the vTeam’s regular projects, aimed at educating children about law, their rights and responsibilities.


And finally, a big thank you to the Big Essex Award Coordinator Jasmine Hill for all her hard work coordinating the Big Essex Award and the Awards ceremony! Big hand for everyone!

083 Awards Ceremony nb


If you’d like to find out more about the Big Essex Award and how you can get involved in 2017/18 visit the Big Essex Award webpage or email


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