Essex Startups Bootcamp 2017

Essex Entrepreneurs strike again!

Bootcamp 139 nb

Another brilliant Essex Startups Bootcamp with amazing business ideas, huge passion and creative flare.

Here’s my Bootcamp Diary!

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Day 1


First off, the serious stuff.

Off to a flying start with a speed networking session allowing the 34 participants and mentors to introduce themselves.

Fortified with breakfast, we all then settled down to Incubation Manager, Simon Mead’s presentation on the importance of financial planning and the various funding streams available.

The Business pitch


Moving on, I (Claire Parry-Witchell, Enterprise Project Officer – that’s me!) gave a quick overview on how to write an elevator pitch after which students set to work crafting their pitches with help and guidance from the team.

Time then for me to fit in another bite-size briefing, on identifying the ideal client before the all-important lunch break.



Time to get the creative juices flowing


After lunch the students went back to work, this time on their ideal client description.

I took back to the stage to explain all about how to tell your own personal story in order to capture people’s attention about your business idea.

Once again there was a breakout session for them to work on the details of their stories and what inspired them to come up with their business ideas with the help of our mentors.


To end off the day our enterprise officer Christine talked about products and services and we had a final breakout session.

And The Ideas:

Image for BC blog

Day 2

How to conquer nerves and film a business pitch

Bootcamp 231 nb - Copy - Copy

Alive and kicking the students returned for day 2. The morning was spent preparing the students for their big exciting task.

This year we asked for a 3 minute video pitching their business idea.

Bootcamp 017 nb

It is safe to say that the students were a little nervous, but after an amazing presentation about filming technique from our enterprise consultant Magda and an inspiring talk from our guest speaker and mentor Piotr from Stilts Pro on how to conquer nerves they were all set to go off and create their video’s.

Bootcamp 040 nb


Bootcamp 142 nb

Armed with their new selfie sticks, courtesy of Essex Startups, the students filmed their videos (including aspects such as a brief description of the business idea, the reason why they came up with it, who they would be targeting and what their next steps would be).

They each chose a location on campus to do their filming, some worked alone, some helped each other out and a few had help from the mentors.

And the video’s….

Bootcamp 220 nb

Not everyone decided to make a video but the 20 that did really rose to the challenge and conquered their nerves. There were 18 individual ideas and 2 groups in total. Over the lunch break all of the videos were loaded up ready to be shown in the afternoon.

Considering the short time scale for preparation the students did an outstanding job and the videos were brilliant.

As a surprise, we decide to give a prize for the best video which was won by Caitlin whose idea was to make specialised children’s educational toys.

Thank you from Essex Startups

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our lovely Essex Startups students for attending and for being so very brilliant!  We would also like to thank all of the mentors for their wonderful contribution.

What’s next?

The students who attended for the full 2 days and made a video will now have the opportunity to submit a business plan over the summer and then even more exciting…once completed to our deadline will have the opportunity to pitch at our Big Pitch event in October with the chance to win up to £3000 investment in their business.

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