Graduate Jobs: May the Stats be Forever in Your Favour

How we use the labour market to help you get a job

At this time of year it can often feel like University life is winding down for summer, but our team is busy beavering away in the background, drawing on mounds of research from CareerHub and our employer connections to suss out what’s going on with the labour market, both locally and nationally.

we are hiring

The hype is wrong and we can prove it

declineWe’ve all seen the scare stories about ‘Number of Graduate Jobs in Decline’ and yes they are right – in August and December (which is when these stories typically appear).  But guess what – recruiters, like the rest of us, try to avoid planning too much in over holiday periods! What the headlines don’t mention, and what our stats clearly show (see the graph below), is that the numbers rise sharply after these dips and the average number of jobs advertised continues to rise steadily year on year.

Unique Job Views Month-By-Month

Month 14-15 15-16 16-17
October 3256 4718 8405
November 2413 8886 5312
December 2185 2800 2757
January 2287 5759 3864
February 2527 4535 3842
March 5957 3151 6454
April 4262 7292 2005
May 7825 3759 3269
June 2651 4805 2512
July 3030 3469
August 1708 3479
September 3463 12928
Grand Total 41564 65581 32639

It’s still not too late to find a fantastic job at this time of the year!


I’m sure there’ll be a few of you who are getting tired of hearing ‘haven’t you left it too late; aren’t all the good jobs gone?’  Yes, large scale graduate employers do start their recruitment over the Autumn term to attract final year students for graduate schemes opening up the following year, but there are still plenty of graduate-level jobs being posted on CareerHub, those large scale employers will be desperately trying to fill roles where graduates have dropped out and smaller scale employers and SMEs will be continuing to advertise their vacancies.

This is clearly shown by the peak on our graph in September. Also, the number of students logging into CareerHub and actively seeking work is starting to full in Summer, right at the time when this huge number of employers are logging in and posting their job vacancies!


Internships are on the increase NOW

If you are exhausted from exams and working so hard on your degree, then of course nobody would blame you for wanting some time off to relax and enjoy the sun! Equally, you may not be entirely sure what line of work you want to get into. In either case, you’ll be pleased to know that over summer the number of internships being posted, both by our own excellent Essex Interns team, and direct employers, increases.  Our Essex exclusive, Generation Essex internships will start to come on line in September too. These are an ideal solution for any graduate that doesn’t want to commit to a full time, permanent post right now, but needs to earn an income and gain some valuable work experience.

It’s all good

So the stats are in your favour – if you’re in the market for work, then you’ll stand a great chance of finding something right now, whether that’s full time, part time, temporary or casual. Also, remember that you get career support from Essex for life and Generation Essex is here specifically to get you through the first year with access to smarter job searches, funding opportunities, paid internships, start-up support and general careers advice and support.

In conclusion, my advice to those of you looking for a graduate job is simply to take a look at Generation Essex and be ready to take advantage of the peak in job advertisements that we’re expecting anytime now.

Good luck!


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