Crime and Punishment: Careers in Criminal Justice

Have you ever wondered what it’s really, really like to work in the criminal justice sector? To find out, we held a panel event with Essex Police, Unlocked Grads and the National Probation Service and the experiences they shared were intriguing, exciting and a little surprising.


Here’s what they had to say…

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E.S.S.E.X: A 5 Step Problem Solving Process

Problems are a part of everyday life, which means that problem solving is a key life skill.  To help solve their business problems, budding Essex entrepreneurs tried and tested a 5 step E.S.S.E.X problem solving model at our Essex Startups annual 2-day Bootcamp in 2018.

Essex Startups 2-day Bootcamp 2018 600x300

It proved so successful we decided to share it.

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Perfect postgraduate study personal statements

research cogsYou’ve read our blog and you’re now convinced that postgraduate study is for you, you’ve explored what and where you want to learn, discovered the research rates and made your shortlist. You’ve even decided how to fund your next steps (and considered the alumni loyalty discount at the University of Essex!), now what?

Write your personal statement and apply.

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