Bragging vs Self-Promotion on your CV

First thing’s first – it’s OK to talk about yourself

When students visit the Employability and Careers Centre for a CV review we find out a little bit about them and who they are, talk through how they plan on using the CV, and work our way through its contents.


We often find ourselves working to extract additional experience, interests, awards and achievements and even education which the student has chosen not to include.  Often when pushed they tell us time and again that it “felt like bragging” and time and again we reassure them that it if there’s one place where it’s OK to shout about what an excellent candidate you are for any given position, it’s your CV!

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What’s a Graduate Level Job?

If you’ve been searching for jobs for after you graduate you might have noticed that spotting which are suitable for a graduate can be tricky.

Essentially a graduate job is one which requires a degree, but beyond that it is important to be aware of the difference between ‘a job performed by a graduate‘ and ‘a job that requires the skill, knowledge, and expertise of a graduate‘.


Depending on your degree and the sector you’re interested in, you may see employers looking for graduates that fall into 3 categories…

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Decoding Job Ads

If you’ve been searching for a job, you’ll know exactly what employers are looking for; “passionate, dynamic, proactive communicators who have a good track record…”


Don’t be intimidated or put off by buzz-words and recruiter’s stock phrases – these clichés are easy enough to decode and to use to your advantage by looking at the ways you can demonstrate these skills.

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