Career Mentoring: where could it take you?

Our popular Career Mentoring Programme re-opens to students in the Autumn Term

Here we explain what mentoring is (and isn’t) and what you stand to gain from joining the programme.


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Tempus fugit. Once again the seasonal wheel has turned and we’re back at the end-of-year exams.


Let me tell you a secret: this year I finished my own degree. 7 years of distance-learning elation, confusion, procrastination, tears, stress, hair-pulling (my own, we’re not talking bar brawls here!) and elation – yes, there was definitely more than one instance amongst the self-doubt and missed weekend plans. And now it’s done. It’s finished. I am a graduate. Well I will be, once I attend the ceremony. But I’ve completed my degree and I know I’ve passed it.

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A very merry Christmas and a Career Mentoring New Year!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you; there are only 13 days to go until Christmas!!! Autumn Term has flown by, we’ve been having so much fun with Career Mentoring!

Some of you may well be aware that we had to close the programme to sign-ups about half-way through the term because it was so popular we couldn’t fit any more of you in. That was fantastic, but if you missed out this term you may well be wondering what you can do to make sure you don’t miss the sleigh boat next term.sleigh

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In crisis over your employability? Don’t panic!

We’ve all been there at some point.

Regardless of whether you’re a self-confessed board-gaming geek like me (D&D, Agricola and Time Stories most recently) or can only ever be found playing Monopoly at Christmas under serious family-induced duress, you can probably relate to the board-gaming phenomena known as “AP”: Analysis Paralysis. That moment where you totally freeze because there are so many possibilities and ideas available to you and they all could head in completely different directions and you don’t know which is right. Eek. So you do nothing. You stay in unconfident limbo, feeling slightly sick because you know you need to make a move. Continue reading