Getting a foot in the door of the Creative Industries

Crew only

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Is this the most depressing phrase graduates will ever hear? So how can you get those all-important contacts in the arts, and are they really all-important?
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Calling all women studying at Essex!

Join Sprint, the exclusive 4-day women’s personal development programme

Take the opportunity to think about your strengths, values, goals and aspirations alongside a supportive community of women. Whatever your background or ambitions, Sprint gives you a fantastic chance to think about and work towards what you want.


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Forget the Year of the Rooster, if you’re a final year student this is the Year of the JOB!

Rise and shine, it’s job time!


The rooster is nature’s alarm clock, reminding us to get up and get to work. If you’re a final year student then the Year of the Rooster couldn’t be more apt, 2017 is the year you will find a job – but have you thought about how to land your dream job? We’ve got some top tips to get you started.

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