Who wants a job with impact?

Students often tell us that it’s impossible to find ‘an exciting graduate role offering the potential for progression into leadership AND with scope to make a measurable difference to society’.  Yet few have considered the national graduate leadership programmes such Police Now (neighbourhood police officer), Frontline (social worker), Unlocked Graduates (prison officer) and Teach First (teacher). 

Here’s why we think they’re worth a look.


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Can work experience help your graduate prospects?

Getting experience whilst at university will increase your graduate prospects’.

Emmanuel Bajo (Biomedical Science) at Ipswich Hospital Pathology Lab

This is a huge claim to make – how do we know it’s true?  Because students tell us it worked for them!  Interestingly, they also tell us how an initial failure can be useful too.
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Why you should consider an SME for your placement year

Does the size of the company affect your decision process when applying for placements?

Many students focus their search on large companies but this means they’re overlooking the fastest growing sector of the UK economy – SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

To find out why you should seriously consider applying to an SME, we’ve got an inside view from Anna Appleton-Claydon, Director at We Create Digital Ltd, and Will Prentice and Kyle Manning, Essex students currently on placement there.

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Chief Barketing Officer at We Create Digital

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