Teachers on Teaching

It can be difficult to get a feel for what a job is really like; so we interviewed three local teachers for their insights.


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Get to grips with your Employability


I am a Careers Information Assistant at the Employability and Careers Centre at Essex and I love my job because I love the variety. I get to meet lots of students during drop in sessions and, as everyone is different, I get to answer a whole range of interesting questions. There is one area though, that I wish didn’t differ so much from student to student: that is the extent to which students can’t get a ‘grip’ on their employability.
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Are you struggling to showcase your skills?

Don’t skip on your skills

Recruiting the right staff is essential for businesses so employers try to get it right first time. They do this by carefully checking that the skills and experience you have are relevant and transferable to their business. This means that successfully identifying and articulating your skills is vital to get through the initial selection stage.

Trouble is, this is the bit most students who drop in for a CV review say they struggle with. The good news is that it’s easier and, dare I say it, fun when you know how.

top of the pile

Follow our do’s and don’ts to get you started.

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Is Law the Career for You?

‘Definitely’, ‘Not sure’, ‘Is it even an option for me?’

From employers (including Times Top 100) and training providers to answer your questions, network with and – dare we say it – be recruited by; to talks on both working as a US attorney and life as a trainee solicitor, the Essex Law Fair has it all. Interested? Read on to find out exactly what the Law Fair can offer you- however you answered the question!


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Happy New (Academic) Year!

Top 3 Resolutions with a Careers Twist

New Year is traditionally a time for meeting friends, raising a glass or two, reflecting on the year past and thinking about the future.  The start to a new academic year is no different, so why not adopt the resolution idea here too?  We’ve looked at the top 3 resolutions and given them a careers twist for you.


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