Why you should consider an SME for your placement year

Does the size of the company affect your decision process when applying for placements?

Many students focus their search on large companies but this means they’re overlooking the fastest growing sector of the UK economy – SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

To find out why you should seriously consider applying to an SME, we’ve got an inside view from Anna Appleton-Claydon, Director at We Create Digital Ltd, and Will Prentice and Kyle Manning, Essex students currently on placement there.

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Chief Barketing Officer at We Create Digital

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Skills: Understand the Basics

Do you know your skills from your strengths?

Identify your skills

Do you know your employability skills from your transferable skills? Your hard skills from your soft skills or strengths? Do you understand what skills employers actually want and, crucially, how you can show that you have them?

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Teachers on Teaching

It can be difficult to get a feel for what a job is really like; so we interviewed three local teachers for their insights.


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Get to grips with your Employability


I am a Careers Information Assistant at the Employability and Careers Centre at Essex and I love my job because I love the variety. I get to meet lots of students during drop in sessions and, as everyone is different, I get to answer a whole range of interesting questions. There is one area though, that I wish didn’t differ so much from student to student: that is the extent to which students can’t get a ‘grip’ on their employability.
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Are you struggling to showcase your skills?

Don’t skip on your skills

Recruiting the right staff is essential for businesses so employers try to get it right first time. They do this by carefully checking that the skills and experience you have are relevant and transferable to their business. This means that successfully identifying and articulating your skills is vital to get through the initial selection stage.

Trouble is, this is the bit most students who drop in for a CV review say they struggle with. The good news is that it’s easier and, dare I say it, fun when you know how.

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Follow our do’s and don’ts to get you started.

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Employability – what it is and why you can’t afford to ignore it

What’s the key to success in getting your foot in the door?


The answer is employability, but what does this actually mean?

With an awareness of just how competitive the graduate job market is and a realisation that having a good degree is now not always enough to secure a job, students are asking this question.

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Postgraduate students – 4 steps to showcase your skills

“How do I convince an employer that I have something to offer?”

Having been immersed in your PG studies it can be daunting to face the transition into industry; especially when faced with submitting an application to an employer who may have little understanding of your area of expertise.

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Daunted by Job Fairs?

Don’t panic – plan!

Jobs fairs can be daunting, but they are worth the effort as they are  great places to find jobs, network and find out about companies who are recruiting. Follow these simple, pre-fair preparations and feel the nerves dissolve.

Job Market March 17

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4 Surprising Benefits of Failure

Got that sinking feeling from an interview that you just know went badly, or received another ‘thanks, but no thanks’ letter? Don’t worry – it could be the best thing to happen to you.


We have 4 surprising benefits you can gain from failure.

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Why You Should Avoid New Year Resolutions

Only 8% of People Who Set A New Year Resolution Achieve It!


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