Hello! I’m Hanna and I’m the Marketing and Engagement Officer (Employability) for the University of Essex’s Employability and Career’s Centre. I’m passionate about making sure Essex students are clued-up and up-to-date on everything Employability and Careers and being the direct link for information and resources.




Originally from Preston (and then Lancaster, and then London, and then Groningen, and then Manchester, and now Colchester – well, rural Essex), Essex has redefined the way I view careers and I want to share the challenge, the determination and the desire to show our students how they can be the best with the world.

Step 1 – Create it. The Employability and Careers Centre website, CareerHub, this blog and our huge array of printed info sheets and posters are just a few of the resources we have written, drawn and created to help Essex students realise their own potential.

Step 2 – Share it. We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, making sure our message of “The Time is Now. The Place is Here.” reaches our students where they are.

Step 3 – Make it better. We are ALWAYS reviewing our information and advice to make sure it’s up to date and the most effective resource for students. We also constantly review how we engage with students to make sure everyone receives the same top quality service.

It’s a tough world out there, but I’m confident our students can be the best. #INTHISTOGETHER


the towers from Rowhedge