Essex Startups Bootcamp 2017

Essex Entrepreneurs strike again!

Bootcamp 139 nb

Another brilliant Essex Startups Bootcamp with amazing business ideas, huge passion and creative flare.

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Graduate blog: from bad to worse to better

After graduation, a holiday and a short stint studying abroad, it was about time I got a job.


I quickly fell into a role as a Sales Administrator through a friend of a friend. I knew it wouldn’t be permanent, but I also knew after about a month, that I disliked everything about it. I saw my friends succeeding in their graduate schemes and moving to big cities and felt completely left behind. After six months of feeling sorry for myself, my dad gave me some valuable advice; ‘No one can get you out of this job but you.’

And so began the search!

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Get to grips with your Employability


I am a Careers Information Assistant at the Employability and Careers Centre at Essex and I love my job because I love the variety. I get to meet lots of students during drop in sessions and, as everyone is different, I get to answer a whole range of interesting questions. There is one area though, that I wish didn’t differ so much from student to student: that is the extent to which students can’t get a ‘grip’ on their employability.
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Bragging vs Self-Promotion on your CV

First thing’s first – it’s OK to talk about yourself

When students visit the Employability and Careers Centre for a CV review we find out a little bit about them and who they are, talk through how they plan on using the CV, and work our way through its contents.


We often find ourselves working to extract additional experience, interests, awards and achievements and even education which the student has chosen not to include.  Often when pushed they tell us time and again that it “felt like bragging” and time and again we reassure them that it if there’s one place where it’s OK to shout about what an excellent candidate you are for any given position, it’s your CV!

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