What’s a Graduate Level Job?

If you’ve been searching for jobs for after you graduate you might have noticed that spotting which are suitable for a graduate can be tricky.

Essentially a graduate job is one which requires a degree, but beyond that it is important to be aware of the difference between ‘a job performed by a graduate‘ and ‘a job that requires the skill, knowledge, and expertise of a graduate‘.


Depending on your degree and the sector you’re interested in, you may see employers looking for graduates that fall into 3 categories…

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Decoding Job Ads

If you’ve been searching for a job, you’ll know exactly what employers are looking for; “passionate, dynamic, proactive communicators who have a good track record…”


Don’t be intimidated or put off by buzz-words and recruiter’s stock phrases – these clichés are easy enough to decode and to use to your advantage by looking at the ways you can demonstrate these skills.

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Leanne Smith Essex 2016 graduate spills all about the Mitie Grad scheme

It’s that time of year, the excitement of Christmas is over and you finally have to start thinking about life after Uni!

MITIE - Young Talent

As a recent Essex graduate, I was in the same situation frantically trying to find myself a job. One day I stumbled across the Mitie Graduate Scheme and after several forms and psychometric tests, an online video interview and an assessment centre I was offered a job!

Why should you apply today?

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